Blood, Guts, and Coffee is a personal blog containing stories, thoughts, and other ideas by me, an Operating Room Nurse.  Although I spend most of my time in surgery, being a nurse is only one aspect of who I am.  I admit that my job and what I learn from it impacts my life on a daily basis – both good and bad.  You might see that reflected in my posts.

This blog serves as one of many outlets to help me maintain balance in this crazy life I chose.  In order to care for others, I must care for myself first.

Thank you for reading…

Wishing you health and happiness, Dear Reader!

One thought on “About

  1. I worked in a Chicago OR many moons ago and blog at oldfoolrn.blogspot.com. I never thought atraumatic sutures or paper gowns and drapes would ever catch on. Cyclopropane and curare were anesthesia mainstays in my time. Wondering if your supervisors are obsessed with perineal fallout like ours were.


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